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PO Box 575 Jannali NSW 2226 Australia

A bit about me

I am a Sydney based illustrator working in both traditional pen/pencil & paper as well as digital images. I specialise in two broad styles a) cartoon style pen or digital drawings and, b) traditional/realistic drawings of a wide variety of subject matters.

I started #WhatILearntThisWeek in 2015 as a personal passion project… that was an alternative to gratitude projects that were doing the rounds. I find it a really interesting way to touch base with myself and get interesting feedback from others. I really do the project for my own practice in mindfulness and if some weeks get a bit of attention then that’s great but it’s not my primary goal.

If you would like to see my artwork please visit my other site or if you would like me to quote you on building you a website please visit

I love bringing clients ideas to fruition – collaboration is king.