I’m not sure if it’s just an Australian thing but tall poppy syndrome really affects people’s ability to shine.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel is an old proverb taken from the Sermon on the Mount. While I am not at all religious, Jesus had some wise words to share and by saying this, he was telling his believers not to hide their faith.

I use this saying to encourage you to not conceal your talents or abilities. If you have a mad skill… use it… share it… don’t be afraid to be FUCKING GREAT!

According to popular music, you’re supposed to shine bright like a diamond but as soon as you start shinning in Australia you get pulled back down and put in your place. We can’t have any tall poppies rocking the boat. It can be so extreme that some people don’t ever strive for greatness for fear of being called out.

I cop a bit of tall poppy bashing from time to time as I am not shy about sharing my talents or acknowledge that I’m good at certain things. We are all great at something. It’s as if we are supposed to be so ‘modest’ about our skills that we have to pretend that we’re really crap at everything to be accepted in society. Well, I say, FUCK THAT!

If you are really great at something… shine brightly. If people can’t handle that, then shine brighter. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

Why are we so concerned with fitting in? We need to get out from under our own private bushel and shine bright! All of us.

Rhianna has it right… shine bright like a diamond!



A good girlfriend of mine says this and I love it. She abbreviates it to CUTO!

It’s so spot on. We all need to start saying this to ourselves… like all the time!

You’re always going to have tough times. We all are. No one is going to have a smooth ride through life. Ups and downs are in your future… they’re going to happen no matter what measures you take to avoid them. So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, you’re going to put your chin up, pop your tits out and get on with your day. It’s the smart thing to do. All the cool kids are doing it!

I often say, “put your big girl pants on and get on with it” but that can sound a bit mean… but maybe it’s my abrupt in my delivery. Whatever it takes to keep you moving forward is a good thing.

There are other benefits of CUTO… putting your chin up makes you look thinner as you are eliminating most of your double chin (s) 😛 and putting your tits out can also make you thinner… it’s always good to lead from one of your best assets.

So the next time you’re feeling a bit flat, down or unmotivated… put your chin up, stick your tits out and face the world full frontal… fake it till you make it… you’d be surprised how far this philosophy can take you.