I learn differently to others. It took me a long time to figure this out. Not surprisingly I am a very visual person (being an artist/illustrator).

I struggled through primary school with traditional teaching techniques. I would have fallen really far behind were it not for my amazing mother who would teach me extra work after school. She kept me interested and inspired. She found a way to reach me.

Not everyone has an amazing mum who is so dedicated to their education and because of that a lot of really naturally smart people, slip through the cracks.

We are all so very different and it is silly to think that we should all learn in exactly the same way. Education is coming around to this way of thinking – finally – and you can see some fantastic out of the box teaching going on around the country and the world. Even though there are some advancements, I am not sure that it is communicated to the child that we all learn differently.

I know children who feel stupid and left behind because they’re struggling in one or more subjects. It erodes their confidence and diminishes their self-worth. More often than not, if they get the right tutelage (either from a family member or professional tutor) they eventually ‘get it’ and you can see the change in their level of confidence. I think it is important that we all understand that we learn differently and instead of striving to compete with some random standard of assessment, we should instead focus on how we learn as an individual.

Finding our individual key to learning is perhaps one of the most important education milestones we can conquer. Once I figured out that I will never learn by reading the manual and following the text and that I learn best by being shown and experiencing the problem rather than reading about it, I was set for life. I now learn things very quickly… I only wish I had understood this while I was at school.



Politicians in Australia are trying to cut costs and it looks like the next target they are trying to hit is education.

Education is one of the most important investments a family, community or a country can make. EDUCATION IS EVERYTHING. Without adequate funding for educators and students our future is very much in jeopardy.

If you look at Freakonomics – a method of applying economic theory to a variety of subjects and seeing how spending or saving in one generation can have knock on effects for years or decades to come – I hate to think what our current lack of spending on education will do to our future.

Dramatically cutting funding for public education will surely have a negative effect on our economy, politics and society in 20-30 year’s time.

Think about it… if you adequately educate your young people they will grow up to be well informed, curious and capable of questioning leadership. If you don’t properly fund education we will end up with a poorly educated population that will be less capable of standing up for their rights and beliefs… oh hold on… maybe that’s what the politicians want. Hmmmmm!

It’s all good and well to say that the best of the best will rise to the top and get access to scholarships but how can people get to that point. It takes a very good school, a passionate teacher, diligent parents and a well-funded and resourced education system or a combination of these. Removing adequate funding from the education system means that there is less chance of people reaching their potential. If you don’t have the opportunity to study then you won’t know if you’re any good at it.

Education should be for ALL not just the elite… let’s face it the rich or ‘elite’ get enough bonuses… those bonuses should not come at the cost of education for all.